Apr 222014


“What do you believe is one of the main judgments, or prejudices, people have?” My mentor, Michael Dlouhy, asked this question on our Saturday night Coaches Corner mastermind call. People came up with various answers, but my friend Margi Starr nailed it. She thought about it some more for a couple of days, and then wrote the following…

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Apr 162014

I was grown, married, and mother of six children before I saw my first Charlie Chaplin movie. It boggled my mind to think “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” was filmed a century ago, in 1914!!

But NOTHING prepared me for the absolute amazement of discovering that this wacky comic actor also composed the music for many of his silent movies. I mean, who would ever guess that the little man who is branded and stamped on our minds as The Tramp could write something as serene and lovely as “Eternally” aka the “Theme from Limelight”??? And imagine my surprise on discovering that he also composed my favourite song by Petula Clark, “This is My Song”! Continue reading »

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Apr 082014

When you look in your mirror, what do you see? Do you see all your mistakes, weaknesses and regrets? Or do you see the strong, powerful leader you are, and who you are growing into? You will act in accordance with who you see.

You ARE a leader, with tremendous potential for more. Learn to see that leader, and your actions will follow suit. Continue reading »

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Mar 312014

it's cold out thereMarch is going out like a lion. No blizzard, but still lots of snow cover, plenty of wind, and it’s co-o-o-old out there! Not a peep or a glimpse of any spring birds yet. We went to the river yesterday, and there is no sign of open water — only a few cracks in the ice at the foot of the bridge support. It’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner, with winter refusing to let go.

Not long ago I came across a story of a mother and her young son, who found a way to make the best of a very cold day. It turned out to be a highly educational game, as they discovered the fascinating world of frozen bubbles. Continue reading »

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Mar 262014

We all have them. Bad experiences. Baggage. Skeletons in our closet through no fault of our own. But what do we do with them? Bury them in the hope they will never resurface? Bash them down in the hope that they will go away? Expect the person who harmed us to make it right before we move on??

The following story comes from a book by Dr. James B. Richards

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Mar 142014

“If we would all just approach life as if it’s just a movie and a game, which it is, we would not have any concerns about the future with the “knowing” that it’ll all work out as long as we just take action toward our goals.” ~ Michael Berry

It sounds a lot like living in the present moment. And what exactly does that mean?

Eckhart Tolle has covered the concept beautifully in his book, The Power of Now.

I find Guy Finley even more helpful and practical in his book, Let Go and Live in the Now.

Here are my own thoughts on the subject…

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Mar 102014

A friend with some knowledge of sheep raising told us this story one day….

A sudden snowstorm had blown in during the night, blanketing the land with more than a foot of frigid white fluff. Early in the morning the farmer and his wife donned their warmest clothing and went out to check on the animals. It didn’t snow very often in that region, and when it did, it was light. As if that weren’t serious enough, it also happened to be lambing time, so they were concerned for their small flock of ewes.

The horses had found shelter under the trees. The cows had found shelter next to some hay bales. And the sheep? Were nowhere to be seen. But the field was dotted with a dozen or so snow mounds. They hadn’t even sought warmth from flocking together. Each had simply dropped to the ground where they were, to give birth, or simply to sleep. Continue reading »

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Feb 152014

No one would deny that we live in a time of rapid change. Economy ups and downs, failed relationships, major career changes… With so much instability all around us, I am so very grateful for Ian, my partner, my biggest fan, my best friend, my husband of 32 years.

We just got home from an evening in the city, in celebration of our wedding anniversary. While I’m still basking in the sunshine of our time together, I’d like to share with you something I first shared two years ago… Continue reading »

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