Oct 092014

green tomato cakeI may be slow in making the changes in this blog, and it’s been a while since I posted. But it isn’t because I’ve been idle.

We had a crazy summer. For example, we’ve seen more hornets this year than we did mosquitoes! And I could count on my fingers and toes how many flies we’ve had in our house this fall. I remember the summer before Nathaniel was born, when I killed over 250 flies in our mobile home in ONE NIGHT!! And that was only the beginning.

Our garden was crazy too. Most of the vegetables did well, despite the cool, wet, windy weather. But none so well as our tomatoes. It’s a good thing we didn’t plant our traditional dozen tomato plants. Continue reading »

Sep 202014

“You are the only one who can determine your limits in life! Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” ~ Marquita Herald
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I Believe…

I believe network marketing is THE BEST way to get true residual income that keeps on pouring in long after you’ve stopped working your business.

I believe Mentoring For Free is THE BEST way to do network marketing with a true servant’s heart, without annoying your friends and family.

I believe Michael Dlouhy is THE BEST network marketing coach and mentor anyone could ask for. His system has stood the test of time. Mentoring For Free will be 10 years old this December, and is even stronger and more valuable than it was when it began.

That said… Changes are ahead for me.
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Aug 302014

WebI’m sure you’ve heard the sayings…

“A three-fold cord can never be broken.”

“No one can do it alone.”

“Two heads are better than one.”

“Team work makes the dream work.”

Here’s a different take on the same story from my friend Sandra Cromwell, a member of our mastermind group, the 30 Day Mental Cleanse. Her thoughts on The Power of the Mastermind… Continue reading »

Aug 182014

Patience Persistence and Perspiration - Napoleon HillWhat is more amazing and inspiring than stories of ordinary people who overcome astounding odds just to do something that most of us would accomplish in a short time. It’s great for putting things into perspective, especially as I experience more of the pain and challenges of getting older. And it’s a great reminder that I’m not unique — we all face challenges, and we have a choice as to how we handle them. Continue reading »

Aug 032014

helping handSome months ago I posted about the different personality colours, and how to speak to your prospects.

Personality is only one of many factors governing a person’s behaviour at any given time. That’s why it’s wrong to pigeonhole people and say, “You are this personality colour, and therefore you will act in this way all the time.”

Here’s another scenario for your consideration. Continue reading »

Jul 192014

Missy (1)When you love cats, as I do, you’re bound to have at least two. When you’re a cat magnet, as I am, you may end up with more than you bargained for. When you love cats AND birds, as I do, you’re bound to have a few bad moments.

We have FIVE cats (long story…) and they are all excellent hunters. I don’t mind their catching mice, shrew, moles, and even the occasional bat. But I draw the line at birds! Continue reading »

Jul 102014

Card to birthday, with balloonsToday, Seth Godin wrote an unusually long post called, Thirty years of projects. He spoke of some of the ways the world has changed during that time. Most notably, he has always thought of his career as a series of projects, rather than jobs, and over time, our culture has made that same shift from a job mentality to projects. He spoke of other changes for the better as well. For example, thanks to digital tools, it is so much easier now to launch a product or business based on content.

The thirty year time frame is much on my mind today too. On this day, our oldest son, James, would have been thirty years old. I remember the day he was born, and how he surprised the doctor by being born much more quickly than she had thought.

I can recall a few of James’ birthdays, but two in particular stand out for me today… Continue reading »

Jun 192014

Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? Those first few wobbly steps are anything but predictable — for Baby or for those watching. I had seven children. Six of them were turning fourteen months before they took those first independent steps.

One adventuresome little miss was a mere ten months when she discovered her big brother’s large, heavy duty plastic tugboat. Continue reading »